Gym Rompers offers types of classes based on your child's age & development:

BABY ROMPERS (3-12 Months-Old)

Babies love our "wee" baby activities set to music and also just being with other babies, especially under our large colorful parachute.

GYM ROMPERS (1 - 2 1/2 Years-Old)

This toddler stage is one of increased demand for independent exploration.  With that in mind we offer this group a loosely structured program in which they can try out their rapidly growing skills in a safe and challenging atmosphere.

ROMPER GRADS (2 1/2-4-Years-Old)

Our preschool children are ready for more advanced play, so we have devised a challenging music and movement section just for them.  They also love pitting their skills against the obstacle course we present them with each week.